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The aim and scope of the conference
On behalf of EUCARPIA, the European Association for Research on Plant Breeding, the Conference Organizing Committee extends a warm invitation to plant breeders, plant scientists and other agricultural specialists to attend the 19th General Congress of EUCARPIA.
Over the last century and a half, Hungarian plant breeders have successfully played their part in the selection of new plant varieties to promote the development of agricultural production. A good example of this is that Hungarian landraces substantially enriched genetic variability. It was here that the first hybrid maize in Europe was developed. In many regions of the world, plant varieties selected in Hungary contribute to an increase in productivity and represent useful genetic resources for the improvement of nutritional quality and stress resistance. The plant breeders active today have proved that they can rise to new challenges and are capable of developing the plant varieties required by future generations.

The conference will be organised by the Agricultural Research Institute, one of the scientific workshops of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, which will shortly be celebrating its 200th anniversary.
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