Cereal Research
Cereal Breeding Department

The aim of breeding research on cereals is to describe and preserve valuable genotypes, to develop new basic breeding stock (pre-breeding), to elaborate new methods for improving selection efficiency, and to breed new varieties, especially genotypes adapted to the continental climate of the Carpathian Basin. Although the research is concentrated mainly on winter wheat, experiments are also underway on spring wheat, durum wheat, winter and spring barley, triticale, rye, oats and spelt.

Cereal Resistance Breeding Department

The main profile of the department is the investigation of the physiological effects induced by biotic (various plant diseases) and abiotic (frost, drought, heat, etc.) stress factors, and the development of genotypes resistant to these factors. This work, which deals mainly with cereals, is closely related to breeding and environment protection. Resistance is a major factor in biological crop and environment protection, in low-cost production technologies, and in the production of raw materials for healthy nutrition.

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