Maize Research
Maize Breeding Department

The main research aim is to develop new maize genotypes by utilising the genetic stocks and breeding methods accumulated in the institute during more than 50 years of internationally renowned maize breeding, combined with modern genetic and biotechnological knowledge. The department is also responsible for preserving the maize genetic reserves owned by the institute, and for maintaining and enriching genetic variability. Further tasks are to develop maize with durable resistance to abiotic and biotic stress factors, and to increase maize production and seed production safety by improving the genetic background, keeping in mind the criteria of sustainable development.

Crop Production Department

Crop production research on maize and wheat is based on small-plot field experiments. The main task facing the department is to carry out experiments aimed at improving maize and wheat production by achieving yields closer to the genetic potential and by improving yield quality and stability. The department is also responsible for investigating the specific agronomic responses of Martonvásár maize hybrids and wheat varieties.

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