Redox biology
Leader: Dr. Gábor Kocsy
Many of the metabolic processes in plants, and consequently the growth and development of the plants and their adaptation to environmental stress factors, are regulated by the redox status. The reactive oxygen species and antioxidants involved in this regulation exert their effects on the target molecules either via various signal transduction pathways or directly. As well as providing a better understanding of plant life processes, the study of redox processes could also be important for agriculture, due to their role in combating stress.
The aim of this research topic is to acquire knowledge on the redox regulation of growth, development and stress responses. Investigations are made on the effects of various reducing and oxidising agents on physiological processes. Plant responses to extreme temperatures and water deficiency are compared in cereal genotypes with various levels of stress tolerance. Experiments are performed to detect the redox changes induced by stress and to determine their effect on gene expression and on the quantities of metabolic products with a major role in stress responses.
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